Pawnbroking Division

We don't wait for the future … we make it true

Bazaar services emerge in 2011 after a long period of research on the field of pawn shops. We created a brand that knew how to show the business advantages of our target product in order to admit all kind of items, which at the same time are the basis of our new retail business.

Pawnbroking Bazaar Services is the owner of the Bazaar brand and today is the pioneer of what we regard as our future by its warm, gentle and formal image.


Acquiring a bank loan is complicated these days because it involves a process of a considerable period of time. CAR4CASH is a financial solution that provides you the ability of getting ready cash in a simple and safe way. The advantages offered by CAR4CASH are several, one of the most important is its validity by PROFECO, besides the fact that the negotiating requirements are minimal.

In summary, a car concept such as Car4Cash provides you with the opportunity to give your car as a security for a loan with or without custody, a sale in advance or a traditional quota.

CAR4CASH´s central domain is about cars and offering you a choice of instant loans is its main concern.


It is a brand with vision and clear standards, based on values that distinguish it as a company, whose mission is to grant loans on gold jewelry, cars and electronic items or gadgets.

With more than 150 branches in 18 States of the Mexican Republic, Monte Providencia offers you personalized assistance, and furthermore it has the full endorsement of a legal contract certified by the PROFECO. Monte Providencia stands out for its transparency and security in your pawns.

Recently , pawnshops have shown an expanding growth and becoming an excellent choice for people who do not have access to bank loans and require a financial policy, which is used to meet their needs with a quick investment return and easy administration as well. Monte Providencia has a profitable model because it gives you a great opportunity to achieve independence by helping you to build your own business.