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Certified company by HR Ratings BBB + (three consecutive years), and ISO 9001:2008, RJC which is supported by 12 years of experience, it contributes to the development of productive system in Mexico, through leasing solutions in favor of the businesses and institutions.

RJC Group is a functional company in the authorization of financing, leasing, sale & leaseback together with loans of working capital for small and medium-sized enterprises (PyMEs), playing an important role in all economic sectors and specifically speaking, in funding transport and industrial equipment, heavy machinery, computing and security equipment.

RJC offers financial solutions for the acquisition of equipment for all the productive sectors of the country, so it enables our customers in the public and private sectors to optimize resources, take advantage of tax deduction, paying for the service of the equipment not for the ownership, optimize their financial statements in order to offer high economic value in its services.


This is a professional company which provides you with integral solutions in electronic security, alarms monitoring, video surveillance and satellite tracking with the help of the Central monitoring office.

IT, is known as a master in technological solutions applied to security, monitoring and logistics, so that it contributes an added value to the management and protection of the client´s assets.

Its services include:

  • Specialized alarms monitoring

  • Installation and marketing of safety electronic systems (Alarms, CCTV, Access Control, fire detection and security perimeter).

  • Satellite tracking and GPS solutions for transport equipment and goods.

IT seeks to provide a high-quality and reliable service about the security of the client's assets in connection with the partnership of meaningful agreements along with the main authorities of the country.